Decorative Interiors

We pay close attention to detail and will graciously work with you to create a design that fits your budget. You may purchase your design elements piece by piece or in its entirety. We are dedicated to creating for you a beautiful and functional living space.

٭ Accessories
٭ Artwork
٭ Custom Bed Coverings/Pillows
٭ Color Consultation
٭ Faux Painting
٭ Flooring
٭ Fine Furniture
٭ Room Layout & Design
٭ Upholstery
٭ Wallcovering
٭ Custom Window Treatments

Ultra Sonic Cleaning

TIME FOR SPRING CLEANING” - Total cleaning of any type of window blind or shade using the Ultrasonic Cleaning System. All parts are totally cleaned through complete submersion with no harsh chemicals. This is not a wipe-down process. The Ultrasonic Cleaning System uses high-frequency, microscopic bubbles that gently lift dirt and other contaminants away from objects.


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